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    Membership & Passes Managing campus community, paying members, and guests

    The Membership & Pass module can accommodate any membership structure. Typically syncing with the school database, it can distinguish between free and paying members from both on and off campus, as well as active/inactive school members. It includes the ability to capture waivers, track sales, set user permissions, add notes, and more.

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    Facility Access Access control, integration with card readers, turnstiles, biometric systems

    Manage and track who gets into your facilities. Utilizing technology from simple swipes to turnstiles and biometrics, this module works with any process you desire. Robust reporting provides clear picture of usage patterns.

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    Facility Scheduling Facility hours, drag-and- drop calendar, online reservations

    Create and manage space reservations that update live onto your website. Facility settings allow you to manage your open hours, and to conveniently switch between standard and break schedules. Multiple calendar views are provided, as well as the option to allow online reservation requests.

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    Locker Management Interactive map, rental durations, locker assignment, locks and combinations

    All aspects of locker management are included – rental durations & fees, locker assignments, lock & combination management. The interactive locker map provides a visual representation of your locker rooms, allowing for simple selection of available lockers, by admins or online.

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    Intramural Sports League and Tournament registration, game & ref auto-scheduling, online scorecards

    Online registration, roster management, and league and event scheduling are complemented by live, online scoring, stats tracking and more. Both games and officials can be scheduled automatically. Payment integration streamlines the fees collection process.

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    Club Sports Registration, rosters, event calendar, travel forms, budget, custom forms

    Officers and admins can manage all relevant aspects with online registration forms and roster management tools, club practice and game schedules, travel documentation, and financial management. Optional features include Budget management, Staff portal for coaches and advisors, online dues collection and custom forms such as payment requests, fundraising, and incident reports.

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    Personal Training Registration, sessions & trainer scheduling, assessments, workout logs

    Eliminate paperwork and bring your entire personal training program together. All elements of personal training are included, and accessible to only the relevant parties. Clients can register and view their workout logs, trainers can manage schedules and clients, while admins have it all at their fingertips.

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    Class Registration Online calendar, scheduling, pre-registration with wait-lists, class check-in

    Fits all classes, types and structures – group fitness, safety, aquatics can be managed with this module. Set registration parameters, schedule instructors, capture attendees, and take payments. Automatic notifications keep all parties informed.

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    Event Registration Scheduling, pre-registration with wait-lists, waivers, uploadable documents

    Scheduling and registration for outdoor adventure, on-campus events, and anything in between. Flexible registration criteria allow you to track waivers, view uploaded documents, take payments, and schedule staff.

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    Point of Sale Payment processing, item sales, inventory tracking, payment gateway integration

    Containing payment processing for other modules and sales of goods, and integrating with your preferred payment gateway, the POS module manages all aspects of payment. Robust and custom-built reporting allows you to see all your financial info just the way you need it.

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    Equipment Checkout ID swipe or scan to check-in/out items, inventory management, item notes and history tracking.

    Track the check-in/out and daily usage of items. Manage Inventory. Item details show full check-out history, date into circulation, number of uses and item notes.

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    Equipment Rental Items rental, fees, payment processing, inventory management.

    Rent items with variable pricing structure and duration options. Rental fees adjustable by affiliation. Manage deferred payments and late fees.

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    Employee Management Shift assignment, auto scheduling, employee availability, certification tracking, shift trades, application portal.

    Create employee schedules (automatically or manually), manage shift exchanges, accept applications, monitor staff certifications, delineate pay ranges.

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    Custom Forms Custom submitable forms- accidents, facility usage, maintenance logs, etc.

    Submit custom-built forms, such as incident, accident, facility usage, etc. and pull forms on the submitted data. Replacing any of your paper forms, this module can be whatever you need it to be.

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DSE Advantages
  • Customization

    Tailored to the unique specification of every client

  • Efficiency

    Every aspect of campus recreation can be managed in one place

  • DSE Advantages
  • User Experience

    Embedded directly onto your website, maintaining your brand and providing a seamless flow

  • Integration

    Single sign-on, university database, payment gateway integration

  • Accessibility

    Web-software available on any device with an internet connection

  • User Experience

    Embedded directly onto your website, maintaining your brand and providing a seamless flow



Recreation Management Software

About us


Located in Boston, MA, and founded as DoSportsEasy in 2007, DSE has provided software solutions to colleges and universities across North America ever since. CEO Michael Meirovich first developed an intramural sports product while he was an MBA student and fervent intramural sports participant at Brandeis University. Club Sports and Personal Training software soon followed.

Among the first DSE clients was then Rec Sports Director and current VP/COO, Ben White. As a client, Ben helped develop some elements of the club sports software. Shortly after leaving the campus rec, Ben joined DSE in 2014 and started designing the RecCenter, a comprehensive suite that encompasses all aspects of campus recreation.

DSE currently employs 10 individuals, providing custom software solutions from the smallest to the biggest schools across the country.



DSE believes in serving the uniqueness of each school. We reject a “one size fits all” approach, and instead work with each school to create a product that meets their exact requirements. Not only is our software modular – allowing clients to purchase only the modules that they ask for – but it also allows custom-build of each module to the functional specifications of every client. As a result, each school gets a software that conforms to their desired practices.


Integration is a key component of the DSE solution. By working with on-campus IT staff, DSE can integrate with university systems like Single Sign-on, Active Directory, Payment Gateways, and more, allowing for the most efficient experience possible. By embedding our user-end onto a school’s website, we also provide a seamless experience for campus community members as they register for programs, purchase memberships, or reserve facility spaces.

Furthermore, DSE has the ability to integrate with any hardware system, from simple card-readers for computers, phones and tablets, to turnstiles and biometric systems.



DSE has been a proud NIRSA Associate Member since 2008, and a member of the InCommon Federation since 2014.
DSE partners with payment processors/gateways and variety of leading service providers to extend and optimize our product for the benefit of our clients.


The Benefits of a Fully Integrated Software

What Custom Software Can Do For You


Recreation Management Software



Nick Schleicher Assistant Athletic Director

To sum up DSE in one word- INNOVATIVE! Using the DSE software has been the best addition to our campus recreation programming in years. With limited full-time recreational staff positions, DSE allows us to expand programming without sacrificing our mission and vision. It has streamlined everything into one customizable website which is easy for students to use and our administrators love! We currently use 10 modules and each play a role in our daily operations from minor details like locker room management and equipment check-outs, to complex issues of Club Sports, Intramurals, and having 130 student-employees; DSE has an answer for it all, customizing to fit your department. DSE Staff is a HARD 10 out of 10, in customer service. Ben White is a phenomenal resource, as he was in the campus recreational field a few years ago. He relates to customer, he knows the struggles, he puts himself in your shoes, and does everything in his power to make your job easier. Without DSE our recreational programming would not be the same and I look forward to working with DSE for the foreseeable future.

Armand Buzzelli Campus Rec Director

DSE is a first class company and their software has been invaluable to managing our department. Their ability to customize modules to meet our needs has been incredibly helpful. Every aspect of our operation from facility access to communicating staff scheduling changes has improved drastically since we implemented their software. Their customer service is the best I've ever seen! I would highly recommend DSE to any of my colleagues.

Luke Verdi Coordinator, Student Personnel

DSE worked to build a completely custom employee application/management module for our department. The functionality, look, and features have been immense in enhancing our student employment program here at the University of Maryland, College Park. Their system is extremely user-friendly and effective in meeting all of our possible needs. Additionally, any time that I have had an idea or need for an additional feature, they have happily discussed possible solutions with me. Working with DSE has been an incredible experience. They are timely, efficient, accessible, and genuinely invested in supporting your department/program however they can. If I had any questions, or ran into any technical issues, I was able to immediately get a response from their team. I would highly recommend using DSE!

Nate Warden Sport Club Coordinator

I've worked for multiple club sport programs across the country and the DSE Sport Club module has been the best tool for liability and safety/risk management that I have come across to date. The interface is easy to use for students as well as administrators. The customer service staff are quick to respond to any of our needs and inquiries. Our students and the University are far more properly covered and protected because of this program.

Tara Yesenski Program Coordinator Sr.

Our overall level of satisfaction with online registration rose 41% by using DSE. DSE was an awesome way to do all of our registration! Club officers love the way they are able to view their rosters!

Bryan Hostetler Senior Assistant Director

DSE has be a great addition to our sport club program! It is easy to use and has allowed us to move away from paper which has greatly improved our sustainability. DSE has also been great to work with as they are always trying to find ways to make the sport club module more effective for our program.

Emilie Buzhardt Sport Club Coordinator

DSE has helped to make our Sport Club Program at KU much more efficient. Having one online forum where we can receive waivers, rosters, mandatory forms, and all pre and post travel documentation from each of our clubs has been tremendously helpful. Unlike other web-based forums I have worked with, The DSE team has been extremely helpful and open to working directly with us to make the website into something that meets our very specific and individual program needs!

Eddie Dominguez Club & Outdoor Program Director

Using DSE has helped us to streamline what would be a significant paper process and provides a convenient all-in- one place to hold much needed information for our teams, student athletes, and coaches. DSE is great at communicating and answering questions we have as an organization in a promptly manner.

Tom Rand Associate Athletic Director

DSE has been a tremendous addition to our program. It is very user-friendly for both participants and administrators. They offer great tech support and can customize it to meet all your program needs. Our students love it!!! I would strongly recommend it for any rec sports program.

Mick Ballart IM & Club Sports Coordinator

DSE has been a great addition to our Club Sport program! Our students really enjoy how user-friendly it is for registration and travel forms. The clubs love being able to have access to their rosters on their own. The customer support is always quick to respond to all questions and requests you may have. I would definitely recommend using DSE!

Carolyn Hill Coordinator of Intramural and Club Sports

The use of DSE has simplified our registration process as well as improved the accuracy of our clubs schedules. The ability to customize our site has been an asset, and the response time to our questions and requests has been phenomenal. We highly recommend DSE!

DeJuan R. Benford IM Sports & Sports Club Coordinator

We currently use DSE for both our Club and IM Sports Registration. They are a web based entity which allows users to access the system from any location. Adopting our school's design- the pages look awesome! They usually respond to your questions and concerns within 24 hours. I would highly recommend you check them out.

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Michael Meirovich | CEO at DSE
Michael Meirovich

Michael is the creator of DSE. A life-long lover of sports, he was heavily involved with intramural sports as a student, captaining several IM championship teams. He combined this passion with his academic field of computer science to create an intramural sports website that would later launch as DSE. This combination of personal and professional interests is what fires Michael’s passion for his work. He continues to pursue his love for sports, attending 5 Olympic Games, and sponsoring the US Bobsled team during the 2014 Winter Olympics. Michael holds a Master’s degree in Computer Science as well as B.A.s in Computer Science and Economics, all from Brandeis University. His responsibilities include product development, supervision of staff, corporate oversight and customer service.

Ben White | VP/COO at DSE
Ben White

Ben is our industry insider, having spent the 13 years prior to joining DSE working in the recreation and fitness industries. Primarily in the college setting, but with background in the municipal, community, and private settings as well, Ben has a wide variety of experience; facility and operations management, staff management and development, budget management and fundraising, and program management and delivery – including intramural sports, club sports, fitness, aquatics, climbing, and more. At DSE, Ben is happy to have combined his passions for recreation, technology, and helping people. His responsibilities include customer service, sales, and functional design of our products. He holds a Master’s degree in Human Performance from Oregon State University, and a B.A. in Psychology from Stonehill College.

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